Rebuild Kerala

Our Mission

Kerala Chief Minister

Sri Pinarayi Vijayan

Chief Minister

The crowd sourcing platform aims to give an opportunity for people from all walks of life to assemble together virtually and thus enable the state to get reconstructed with a new facelift. The state has incurred a huge loss which is bigger than our annual plan outlay. So every drop counts. The platform is the best virtual podium to get your name remembered by generations to come.

So, Come. Let's Join Hands...

Our Vision

Stand with Kerala for rebuilding God's Own Country

The unprecedented flood havoc has left Kerala in immeasurable misery and devastation. Hundreds of lives were lost. Thousands of homes were totally destroyed and many more were damaged, but we have fought against the odds.

Now it is our responsibility to help the affected rebuild their lives. Make a difference in your life by joining the rebuilding efforts. Contribute magnanimously to help rebuild their lives. Be a proponent of philanthropy and benevolence.

Kerala Flood

About us

Who is getting benefited?

Those affected in the floods and landslides will be the beneficiaries of this initiatives. The flood has submerged the dreams of many. Educational institutions, healthcare centers, individual houses, domestic animals, crops, roads and bridges and other infrastructure of our State bore the brunt of the disaster. Many valuable lives were lost. The relatives of such unfortunate victims of the disaster and those who have been reeling under of it will be benefited by this platform.

How can you help?

Projects are created on this platform, by Government Departments or Agencies of Government engaged in the reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts in Kerala. Once listed, projects are displayed on the portal to be funded by donors such as individuals, associations, business firms, companies etc. from anywhere across the globe. Many projects are also structured to fit into the CSR scheme framework of the companies Act of India .

Why do we do this?

‘Rebuild Kerala’ is a Kerala State Government initiative in consultation with KPMG, for crowd funding of projects envisaged for rebuilding Kerala. The virtual platform provides an opportunity for all willing individuals and institutions to contribute to the rebuilding measures.

The platform provides transparency in project management to donors by displaying project status updated on the system by executing agencies and monitoring bodies.

This platform allows easy channelling of funds from donors to their selected projects.

Government will on-board govt. agencies/organizations/individuals which will ensure effective implementation and monitoring of projects on ground. The execution agencies will be finalized based on their credibility and accountability by BMTPC (Building Material Technology Promotion Cell of Government of India) for timely execution of projects.

On the houses rebuilding initiative, which is a priority area, Pre-Fabricated House technology is to be used wherever possible and agencies executing the same will be those empanelled by BMTPC (Building Material Technology Promotion Cell of Government of India) ensuring reliability of the structure.

How it works

‘Rebuild Kerala’ makes it easy for individual and organizations from all over the world, to contribute to the rebuilding efforts of the government in the state of Kerala.

1. Explore Projects

The projects are perfectly displayed on the website from which you can search for any information regarding this. There are filter searches on district and village wise that will make your search much easier.

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2. Fund Projects

We make it safe and effortless to donate to projects and initiatives created for the relief and rebuilding efforts in Kerala. Donors from across the globe can view projects created on the platform and contribute funds as explained.

Fund Project

3. Track the Projects you Funded

Funded projects are tracked and their progress monitored by the stakeholders through updates provided by the Government Departments or Agencies approved by the Government executing the project. The Platform enables registered donors to view evidence collected at each step of the project. In later phases of this initiative, we propose to engage the public as ‘Social Monitors’ in tracking of projects, who can independently verify the project execution. Through this multi-step verification process, we ensure transparency in project execution and fund utilization.

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