Upgradation of Alappuzha-Changanassery Road into Semi Elevated Highway


Development of resilient infrastructure is the key objective of Rebuild Kerala Initiative (RKI) projects. Through RKI projects 30 major PWD roads and 468 LSG roads were upgraded for the enhancement of their sustainability. Elevating the flood prone sections of roads, drainage improvement, slop stabilization, land slide protection, and bio engineering techniques etc. are the important features of RKI roads. Since high quality durable road is the base of economic development, RKI has allocated an amount of Rs.5977.84 crores for the rehabilitation / upgradation of roads and bridges.

Alappuzha-Chengannassery semi-elevated road is the most important road reconstructed through Rebuild Kerala Initiative program. Estimated cost of the project is an amount of Rs 875.88 crore. AC road is the important road from Kottayam via Chenganassery and Kuttanad to Alappuzha, gets submerged under flood water during the rainy season and traffic disrupted for days. Considering the importance of the state highway 11, which connects major tourist destinations in high range and coastal area of the state and two district headquarters, where large quantities of goods are transporting. So, Govt. has decided to improve with resilient standards through the Kerala State Transportation Project. The 24.164-km-long road starts from Alappuzha- Kalarkode and ends at Changanassery- Perunna, has suffered major damages in the floods of 2018 and 2019. Hence AC Road is being reconstructed with resilient standard under the Rebuild Kerala program as a permanent solution for the isolation and waterlogging of Kuttanad region during the rainy season. The reconstruction is being carried out by the Uralungal Labour Contract Co-operative Society.

The upgraded road and the flyover have a width of up to 13 meters, includes a two-line road with a width of 10 meters for vehicle traffic and a walkway on either side. At the bottom of the footpath, there is a drain on one side and a drain and duct on the other side. GSB, WMM, 2-layer DBM and BC works are involved in road construction. The project includes semi-elevated flyovers with service roads at 5 locations. Causeway has been provided at three locations to facilitate the flow of water across the road. The big bridges of the road such as Kidangara and Nedumudi have been rebuilt by widening them to one side. The Pallathuruthy bridge was constructed parallel to the existing bridge as per IWAI norms. The construction of the Muttar bridge has also been included in the work. Spans have been expanded and rebuilt by including 14 minor bridges and 64 culverts in the project. Considering the soil composition of Kuttanad, ground improvement works using advanced technology has been completed in 7 KMs and crash barriers are provided as a part of the road safety. Designed at a speed of 80 kmph, the road connecting Alappuzha and Kottayam districts can cover 24.164 km in 20 minutes. The project will greatly benefit Kuttanad’s agriculture sector and tourism sector as the road has been rebuilt with 64 culverts with shutters so that water can be controlled for agricultural purposes.

Resilient construction includes rigid pavements, precast drains, precast box culvert and soil nailing for slop protection. 5 years maintenance period ensure an effective asset management for this road. Cement treated subbase for flexible pavement, permeable pavement technology using interlocks paver blocks are adopted for the percolation of ground water recharge. Output and Performance based Road Maintenance Contract (OPBRC) ensure the durability of the road. Lights and waiting sheds have been included in reconstruction work as other necessary ancillary facilities of the road. With the completion of the reconstruction of the road, smooth transportation will be possible.

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