Infrastructure Restoration

  • 7,602 kms of roads rebuilt
  • 656 culverts rebuilt.
  • 127 bridges reconstructed.
  • 16,954 kms of roads repaired.
  • 25.6 lakh power supplies restored.
  • 5000 kms transmission lines replaced.
  • 16,158 transformers restored.
  • 19 power plants restored.
  • 50 sub-stations reinstituted .
  • 67 lakh water supplies reinstated .

7,602 Kilo meters of roads rebuilt

12 out of 14 districts in the state have reported landslides, earth slips, debris flow and rock falls. A total loss of 16,954 kms of PWD roads was reported which would require around Rs.10,000 crore for repair or reconstruction. The PWD has accorded administrative sanction for works worth Rs.2764 crore by rearranging its current year’s budgetary resources. PWD and Local Self Government Departments have jointly rebuilt 7,602 kms of roads. 4429 kms of flood ravaged roads were rebuilt by PWD and made open to transportation. 656 culverts and 127 bridges were reconstructed. Most of which are repaired and reopened. Rs.3135 crore has already been spent on the renovation and rebuilding of roads through various funds. Apart from this, the Department of Urban Affairs have spent Rs.30 crore for the rebuilding of 1274 kms of roads.

PWD- Local Self Government Departments

25.6 Lakh power supplies restored

Electricity connections were restored for 25.6lakh consumers within 10 days on a war footing basis. 5000 kms transmission lines were replaced. 16,158 transformers were repaired and made functional. 19 power plants and 50 sub-stations have been brought back to normality. 3 lakh meters are replaced. Technical experts, students of Engineering and officers from neighbouring states worked together with KSEB relentlessly. KSEB faced a loss of Rs.820 crore worth basic amenities in the deluge.


67 Lakh water supplies reinstated

പWater supply infrastructure was badly affected because of flooding of electric installations, silting of intake wells, choking of filter beds and washing away of pipelines. The Kerala Water Authority had been entrusted with the responsibility of providing potable water in all flood affected areas after the floods. Water supply was completely restored immediately after the flood recedes.

Kerala Water Authority