Rescue & Relief

  • 5 Lakh+: People rescued
  • 15 Lakh+ People in relief camps.
  • 10,000+: Relief camps opened.
  • 6,93,287: Houses cleaned.
  • 14,657: animal carcasses buried securely.
  • 0: Epidemics reported.
  • All: Water resources disinfected
  • 3,00,956: wells chlorinated

The flood of August 2018 was of unprecedented magnitude in the history of Kerala. 1269 out of 1664 villages in the state was affected. There were more than 15 lakh people sheltered in 12,251 relief camps all across Kerala. Thousands of domestic animals were dead. Burial of animal carcasses was one of the biggest challenges we faced once the flood water recedes. But the situation was taken care of within 3 days. Carcasses of 12,393 cattle and more than 6 lakh birds were buried securely.

The resolve and coordination shown by the people of Kerala in the rescue and relief operations drew appreciation from all quarters. Common people as well as the government officials have worked together in various relief activities. More than 10,000 houses that were covered in mud were cleaned. Thousands of volunteers worked day and night in relief activities. 3 lakh wells were chlorinated and all the water resources were disinfected. Thousands of tonnes of solid waste removed. The spread of infectious diseases were effectively controlled by the active participation of health activists. Schemes have been set up to provide school children their lost study materials.

Rs.687.84 crore has been released to 6,87,843 families as immediate relief at the rate of Rs.10,000 per family. A total of 7,24,352 kits containing 22 essential commodities were given to those who returned home from relief camps and 10,50,838 kits containing food supplies worth Rs.500 were supplied subsequently. Rs.51.54 crore was spent on this relief measure.

Flood Relief Government Orders and Circulars

Government orders on Rain Disaster Relief Measures